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About: Me

I was born in Nashville Tennessee, July 1959, I been here a minute!
I was very curious as a child—I would dig a hole just to see what I could find. If dad left his toolbox where I could find it, something was going to be taken apart!

Nashvile home
 Charles age 4

Early in life, grown-ups ask children meaningful, thought-provoking questions like: “What are you going to be when you grow up?” Children may not have an answer at first because they are not aware of ‘grow up.’

Later they begin to understand and when asked they are ready. For me ‘an Astronaut’ that is what I wanted to be. I was 3 when President Kennedy said we were going to the moon, can’t say I remember that. But by age 6 in 1965 the dream looked possible.

 Charles age 6

In 1965, a lot happened in space:

  • First crewed Gemini flight, March 23
  • First spacewalk, June 3
  • Mariner 4 makes its closest approach to Mars, July 15
  • The third flight of an operational Saturn I, July 30

These events and many others viewed on television seemed to make possible a visit to the moon.

Skipping ahead a few years, otherwise, this will take forever. The summer of 1969, in July my family moved to Smyrna, Georgia; Neil Armstrong went for a walk on the moon (Kennedy was right!), and I turned ten years old.

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